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  • Technical consulting and project management

    The R&D department is responsible for performing various technical solutions to:
    Design and development of projects for mechanical systems implemented at the high pressure die casting industry.
    Design and development of ceramic and graphite component projects for the foundry industry.
    Production of chemical products for the foundry industry
    Mechanical and metallographic characterization of the mechanical components.

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  • Super CLIN NIVE Nitriding for die casting molds

    The main advantages of CLIN NIVE nitriding for die casting molds are listed:
    Hardening of the surface layer.
    The Nitriding is made in patented salt bath at a temperature of 460 degrees.
    High surface hardness HV 1050; Oxidation of the surface.
    The Super CLIN NIVE treatment can be carried out in molds that already have an operative life.

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  • Cold chamber shot sleeves overhaul control service

    The cold chamber shot sleeve overhaul service comprises the following mechanical phases:
    Visual control and Shot Sleeve cleaning.
    Reconditioning of the internal diameter to the desired size.
    Internal diameter grinding and lapping Ra= 0.025.
    Final control and Super CLIN NIVE nitriding surface treatment.

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