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Mechanical componets
High pressure die casting lubricants

World leading company in the sector of the production of mechanical components for the aluminum high-pressure die casting.

Chemical products, graphite and ceramic components

Heat-resistant ceramic and graphite components, chemical products and auxiliaries products for the die casting.

Foundry products

Project management – Design – Manufacturer of Mechanical components for the high pressure die casting industry.
Elaboration of chemical products for the foundry industry.
Production of graphite and ceramic components for the foundry industry.
F.lli Vedani has highly qualified personnel and a Know-how portfolio that allows the production of high quality products; constant realization of research and development for the manufacture of patented technology.

About company

  • Manufacturer of Mechanical components for the die casting.

  • Elaboration of auxiliaries products for the foundry industry.

  • Mechanical components control and overhaul service.

  • Constant innovation of our high-tech products and manufacturing processes.


Cold Chamber Shot Sleeves
Thermal regulated Shot Sleeves
Plunger Tip in CUBECO - 205 Alloy - Steel
Vedani Plunger Tip system with rings
Plunger rods

Chemical Products
Die casting lubricants

Aluminium metal treatment products - Coating Molds
Release agents - Lubricants
Auxiliaries products

Ceramic and Graphite
foundry products

Casting ladles
Ceramic container for continuous casting
Auxiliaries for continuous casting

Volumetric feeders
Foundry Sleeves

Volumetric feeders
Foundry Sleeves

Master Alloys - Volumix

Al Be Master Alloys
AlTiB Master Alloys
Magnesium - AZ 91

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